by Bad Habits

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released August 18, 2012



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Bad Habits Pensacola, Florida

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Track Name: Decay
I lay awake alone at night, just me and my thoughts.
With burdens from my memory, I'll let my body decay and rot.
Only freedom left is sleep, I pray I'll never wake up.
I'll rid myself of all this pain. Point, pull the trigger and just end it.

Lost touch with the ones that I love,
lost faith in everything around me.
All the constant demons that I fought,
I'll turn my back on the ones I don't need.
Two decades of a life of sin
has left me fucked up in the head.
Don't know when or where it'll end.
Don't care, soon I'll be dead.

I force myself into the streets to waste and consume my time,
but still I can not escape all the guilt of my conscience and crimes.
No more excuses left to give but wrong place and wrong time,
I'll thrown back all the cards I'm dealt with no motivation left in life.

Bought in, sold out.
I'm sick, lifeless.
Chewed up, chewed out.
Nothing, my chest.
Caught up by sin.
I've lost, you've won.
Give up, give in.
End it, I'm done.
Track Name: Two Faces
I turned my cheek, ignored the ways you fucking lived.
I faked a smile just to avoid the fights.
You crossed the line and now you'll pay for what you did.
I'll give a head start, now run and hide.

I turned my back, I cut my ties.
I only gain rage with all this added up time.
Watch your back and all the things you do.
You'll soon find out I'm two faced just like you.

I'll never forgive for all the stress and the suffering.
No apology big enough for the pain I've been through.
When you hear my name I hope your shallow heart fucking sinks.
Too little, too late, bit off more than could chew.

On your deathbed, I hope you realize,
That all the pain you caused, just wasn't worth it.
Your final seconds, afterthought to apologize.
After all you've done, it's not enough.

You ruined relationships that took decades to build
with little regard for loved ones around you.
You didn't give up until everyone quit,
it was your blood and kin you did all of this to.
What's it like to know that you tore up your own family
for a few thousand bucks in a dead mans will?
An example that shows my lack of faith in humanity.
We're all slaves to our trade, live and die by the bill.
Track Name: Empty Feelings
You've lost all my trust, I've had it this time.
So full of pride and lust, I'm done with your kind.
Don't think it's okay, don't ask if I'm fine.
You struck my last nerve, I burnt the bridge this time.

Got my hopes up, was just too good to be true.
Not a single damn thought that I would hate you so soon.
I was a fly in your trap, you played me for a fool.
I wish I never crossed paths with a person so cruel.

You took my youth,
fueled by lies.
Alone I stood,
don't know why... think we can still be friends,
this isn't something you can mend.
So much deceit and so many lies,
a waste of my money and a waste of my time
Clear as day, you were never torn,
Breaking bonds I wish were never formed.
Claimed to care but got up and ran,
made an option with no second chance.

Don't come back my way with all your mental beatings,
don't call out for help with only empty feelings.
You reap what you sow, you had all your fun.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Track Name: Evened Odds
Left with a bitter taste in my mouth.
I chewed it up, I spit it back out.
I let you in and let my guard down.
Won't happen twice, don't come back around.
Brought up jaded since I was young.
I'll cut you out, cut off everyone.
Tongue tied when you get caught,
bring up my name and I'll even the odds.

Heard too many lies, pulled out too many knives.
Against the grain I'll hold my own, I'm angry and fucking cold.

I told you time and again, don't cross my path with you bullshit lies.
Don't think of me as a friend; I've heard it all, it's not the first time.
Don't think that all is fine, 'cause there's a calm inside these eyes.
You can't see in my mind, hateful thoughts while you scream out with cries.

Waiting for the day that you'll learn
you wont get far with short lived praise.
Took your shots and now it's my turn,
take heed in every word that I fucking say.