Two Faces

from by Bad Habits



I turned my cheek, ignored the ways you fucking lived.
I faked a smile just to avoid the fights.
You crossed the line and now you'll pay for what you did.
I'll give a head start, now run and hide.

I turned my back. I cut my ties.
I only gain rage with all this added up time.
Watch your back and all the things you do.
You'll soon find out I'm two faced just like you.

I'll never forgive for all the stress and the suffering.
No apology big enough for the pain I've been through.
When you hear my name I hope your shallow heart fucking sinks.
Too little, too late, bit off more than could chew.

On your deathbed, I hope you realize
That all the pain you caused just wasn't worth it.
Your final seconds, afterthought to apologize.
After all you've done, it's not enough.

You ruined relationships that took decades to build,
With little regard for loved ones around you.
You didn't give up until everyone quit.
It was your blood and kin you did all of this to.
What's it like to know that you tore up your own family
For a few thousand bucks in a dead man’s will?
An example that shows my lack of faith in humanity.
We're all slaves to our trade, live and die by the bill.


from Parting Words, released June 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Bad Habits Pensacola, Florida

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